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July 4, 2012

Best PC Gaming Headset for Under $40 Logitech G330 Review

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Written by: Trent
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Logitech G330 Gaming Headset

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When your strapped for cash your product choices become very limited. The stars seem to align when you can find very affordable products that also get the job done. This happens to be one of those times, with the Logitech G330 you don’t have to sacrifice to get an excellent gaming audio experience. This is my favorite ‘light’ computer headset and in my opinion the best PC gaming headset in it’s price range you can buy.

Best PC Gaming Headset for under $40 ?

Of course if you have 100 to 200 dollars to spend you can get some very nice headsets, but generally those are much bigger, bulkier and include 5.1 surround sound. But bigger headsets can become uncomfortable after a few hours of use and are much more difficult to take places, not to mention the sometimes difficult process of setting up the surround sound correctly.

So what if you don’t need something like that or have a ton of cash? Well that’s where the Logitech G330 comes in. First of all it’s extremely light, while it gently wraps around your ears and the back of your neck. It’s a very flexible and has an adjustable band. The mic can be moved to the perfect spot or completely out of the way, and has extremely good background noise cancellation, while giving crystal clear clarity to your voice when doing voice chat or using Skype. I would even go so far as to call it the best PC headset instead of the best PC gaming headset, since it will more than satisfy non gamers as well.

This headset is still comfortable, even after 8 straight hours of wearing it, mainly because of it’s light weight and behind the head design which takes relieves pressure. The sound is very good for this price range as well. The headset is built with high quality materials and much of it has a rubbery-soft feel to it. It comes with a USB dongle so you have the choice of plugging it into USB or directly into the sound and mic ports on your PC.

I also love how this headset is very durable and extremely portable, you can sit on it by accident without causing any damage to it, and you can throw it in your bag or backpack with ease. Even though I own a sub $200 headset I still prefer this headset to take with me whenever I go anywhere. The cord also has convenient built in volume control and mic mute switch. It takes a culmination of excellent features like these to be the best PC gaming headset in it’s class.

The only real negatives I’ve noticed are that the audio quality could be a bit better as it’s range is somewhat limited. And after over a year of use the red rubber insert piece that is part of the behind-the-neck band started to ‘peel’ out, I think they could have found a better way to attach this piece than the adhesive they use… however Logitech is terrific company and replaced my headset under the warranty at no cost to me… so I got a brand new headset, which is great!

Logitech G330 Pros:

  • Extremely comfortable even after many hours
  • Great features
  • Portable and durable
  • Excellent microphone voice quality
  • High quality materials

Logitech G330 Cons:

  • Sound could be better quality
  • Non replaceable ear pads
  • No surround sound
  • Red rubber ‘inserts’ may eventually start to detach


For the money you can’t do better than this, even if your not a gamer I’m sure you’ll love this headset. The comfort that this headset provides is unparalleled. You’ll have great sound for your gaming and music, and excellent mic performance. Backed by Logitech, this PC gaming headset has very high quality and durability built right in. It’s super portable and won’t let you down.

Even if you already own a pricier headset I would recommend this as an extra pair. This is the ideal headset and definitely the best PC gaming headset for under $40.

You can get the best price here:
Logitech G330 on Amazon


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